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About Us
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D Providers LLC is one of the leading transport company for different industry segments, D Providers LLC provides dispatch service to owner-operators, independent truckers, and reefers. Our team of 50+ dispatchers has been delivering top-notch support to the trucking companies for more than 10 years. We deliver end-to-end services to the truckers, from finding the loads at profitable prices to collecting invoices on time. We look for partnerships with fleet owners and independent truckers for a long-term relationship in order to maximize your earning potential with our high-end dispatch services.

D Providers LLC

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We operate on 4 continents, guaranteeing real-time freight visibility and operative logistics management 24/7. We understand the frustration that owner-operators and truckers face when searching for top paying loads, being stuck at truck stops, waiting for emails, and handling copious amounts of paperwork.

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